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Friday, March 16, 2007

Updates Finally

It's been quite awhile since I updated the blog. Nevertheless for all you fellow reefers, I hope I haven't disappointed you guys at the rate I was replying to your questions. Did a water change today, the tank's been up 4 months odd and I decided to throw out all my old chemical and mechanical filters and got them replaced with brand new ones.
Glad to report that everything is doing good. The brain that stayed for a while has found itself a new owner and a rose brain is now here to stay. Got myself a new cup coral and a small broken of bit of a plate coral. See if you can find them.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Water Change

I used to change 25-30L of water each week but lately I realised that its getting costly. I seem to use up all my salt really quickly so I'm gonna change the regime. Alternate weeks! I will still maintain the aquarium on the weekly basis. The norm is to wash out the skimmer and the filter. The difference is one week i'll change 20L and the next just 5L. hopefully that would be able to double the lifespan I have for each packet of salt i buy.